It's time for Smart Growth – not just more houses
Trained, planning staff can also assist with ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and develop PUBLIC PARKS AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES, BIKE TRAILS AND SIDEWALKS critical to a healthy lifestyle and for our children.
We need to identify land that could be used for ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - such as a Businesses or Technology Park – possibly a Health Care Park (with offices of doctors and dentists, drug stores, fitness centers) - Businesses bring jobs and taxes – these "uses" need to be grouped/ located in the "right" areas. (Recently Pender County BOC approved industrial uses, potentially having trucks driving in a location next to residential areas and across from childcare facilities.)
IF WE DON'T ACT SOON... areas suitable for active recreation and business development MAY BE LOST.


Incorporation makes Hampstead eligible for NC Powell Bill /transportation grant funding.
Only incorporated cities can receive this funding. It is based on a formula considering population and miles of city roadways. Hampstead now has 103.45 miles of private roads and 67.36 miles of NC State DOT maintained roads. Based on discussions with NCDOT staff, using the 2018 formula, if 100 miles of private roads are "turned over" to an incorporated Hampstead, we would receive about $450,000 per year in NC Powell bill grant funds to maintain these roads, build trails and sidewalks on them, etc.
Hampstead is now leaving this money on the table. These grant funds are not available to counties. Any 16' wide private road - dirt, gravel, or paved - open to the public, including roads currently maintained by HOAs, could be "turned over" to the city for maintenance which could be paid for using Powell bill funding. This could reduce what people are paying to their HOA to maintain their road.
Plus: Hampstead would have a seat and vote at the Wilmington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) helping to decide how to spend NCDOT transportation money in our region. If we had been incorporated when the planning for the Bypass took place, Hampstead would have had a "say" in its location and design.


NOTE: Use of the Pender County solid waste and recycling drop-off centers would continue for those residents who wish to continue paying the County for this service. (Currently residents pay $220/year for solid waste drop off and recycling drop off service, $110/year for recycling only.)


PLUS: Hampstead would have a local city hall and council who are focused and concerned about Hampstead citizen's issues and hold meetings & have staff in Hampstead.