Hampstead Area Study

This website presents the costs, benefits and potential services that could be provided by incorporating Hampstead, NC. This primarily residential, coastal area, located in Pender County between Jacksonville and Wilmington, NC, is one of the fastest growing regions of the state. Details, facts and information presented in this website were collected from a variety of government sources and discussions with public and private stakeholders.
Public presentations and discussions on incorporation will be advertised and held during 2019.

The study area includes approximately:
In North Carolina, only the NC General Assembly (NCGA) can officially incorporate a city, town or village. (terms used interchangeably)
Out of 553 cities in NC, if incorporated, "Hampstead" could be about NC's 55th largest city.

Click here to see what about $1.10/day in taxes could buy in city services.

This web-site is privately sponsored by citizens living in the Hampstead, NC area. Considerable research was conducted to provide accurate facts and information for this website. Please let us know if you find any errors.